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Chermoula Marinated BBQ Wings

Full of zesty lemon tang and the spices of Northern Africa, our North African Chermoula Marinated Chicken Wings makes for easy peazy entertaining...


    Chicken wings (4 lbs) Replace wings with your favorite cut of lamb, chicken skewers or prawns will all work with this recipe.
    Salt and Pepper (or S&P blend)
    Sour Cream (1/2 cup or small tub)
    Chopped nuts (of your choice)
    Cilantro (Mint is great too)
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    To Marinade:

    ❶ Prepare the chicken wings by slicing through each knuckle of each wing.

    ❷ Add little cuts to the skin and fleshy parts of each wing. This is so the Marinate can really get right in there.

    ❸ Use half a bottle of North African Chermoula Marinade to every 2 lbs of meat, in this case wings. Toss the wings and Chermoula until all the wings are coated evenly. Add your favorite chopped herb, as much or little as you like. Cover the bowl with cling film and return to the refrigerator. Leave at least 4 hours. Longer is better, over night is best!

    ❹ Preheat Grill.

    The Wings:

    ❶ Remove wings from marinade and shake off excess. Sprinkle lightly and evenly with salt and pepper. (no oil necessary there is enough fat in the skin)

    ❷ Space evenly on a hot grill to achieve grill marks on both sides. Turn the heat down and move wings to a cooler part of the grill to brown and cook through.

    ❸Remove from grill and pile high on a plate. Spoon a teaspoon of sour cream here and there. Sprinkle with nuts of choice and last a good drizzle of honey and some fresh picked herbs.

    ❹Serve a little sour cream on the side for dipping